Debunking the self-defeating excuses generated in favor of nonhuman animal exploitation

The Hidden Pitfalls of Small Scale Animal Agriculture: An Overview campaign=buffer

The Lazy Distinction Between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare


Why Free-Range Meat Isn’t Much Better Than Factory-Farmed

The Moral Status of Animals

Understanding Neocarnism: How Vegan Advocates Can Appreciate and Respond to “Happy Meat,” Locavorism, and “Paleo Dieting”

Where Animal Welfare Gets It Wrong

Even Non-Animal Lovers Should Go Meat-Free And Here’s Why

Does saving an animal’s life make you a good Samaritan or a terrorist

I Love My Pets, But Still Eat Meat. What’s Wrong with That

5 Reasons For Why Animal Rights Are A Feminist Issue

13 FAQ’s

Animal Slavery and Other Comparisons: Who Should Be Offended

Eating Animals

Carnivores Make Low Estimates of Animal Minds

Eat Meat? You’re Probaby Socially Intolerant Too, Say Researchers

Fallacy in Animal Rights and Vegan Discussions

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach

Humane Slaughter? 11 Key Reasons Why It’s Not

Number of Animals Killed to Produce One Million Calories in Eight Food Categories

Six Challenges to “Humane” Animal Product Claims

Slaughterhouses and Increased Crime Rates

“Slavery. It’s Still a Thing.” Christopher – Sebastian McJetters

Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts



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