Easter Poem

Easter is a time of joy,
For all the kids expect a toy.
Even if the toy’s a bunny,
You paid the fluff-ball for little money.
A novelty attraction so much enjoyed,
Yet soon to be discarded or destroyed.
For you the soul was mere an object,
Not a lifelong commitment but a project.

Searching for those red eggs to crack,
A religious tradition that goes way back.
Hens, they lay your eggs for cheap,
Their two year lives cut short for meat.
One day old males ground up alive,
The egg industry’s profits continue to thrive.
Hurray you found a chocolate bunny or two,
Hidden is the slave labor, and milk stolen for you.

And as you sit at the table to pray,
Thank god for life over the lamb you slay.
The season of hypocrisy celebrating life,
While baby’s destiny met her throat with a knife.
Year after year we celebrate this tradition,
Silently participating in its cruel mission.
Instead, celebrate compassion and resurrection,
By choosing vegan and honour life with true affection.





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