JME will star in comedian Simon Amstell’s movie about a vegan utopia

This article appeared first on written by , FEB 1 2017

The loudest vegan in grime will play himself in Carnage: Swallowing The Past.

JME has signed up for a role in comedian Simon Amstell’s first feature film, which is set in a vegan utopia 50 years in the future.

Carnage: Swallowing The Past “looks back at a time when human beings ate other animals. In the future, this will be considered an unimaginable bloodbath of unnecessary suffering,” reports Chortle.

Narrated by former Popworld presenter Amstell, the film will see proud vegan JME playing himself in a cast that also includes Martin Freeman and Joanna Lumley, Dame Eileen Atkins and Lindsay Duncan, with other cameos from Kirsty Wark, Lorraine Kelly and Vanessa Feltz.

Amstell, who is of course a vegan, said: “I have written and directed a film about veganism. I’m sorry.”

The film will launch on BBC iPlayer this spring. And remember, if you don’t like G-R-I-M-E, then you got no taste like vegan cheese. [via Fader]


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